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Jammie Claus Company
Cleveland OH
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Company Description:

The Jammie Claus Company is a social enterprise committed to empowering women and promoting resilience in children.

Our vision is to spread unconditional love and kindness.

Founded in 2019, the Jammie Claus Company launched its cornerstone book titled “Jammie Claus: The Christmas Tradition of Unconditional Giving.” The book is about the woman everyone knows but knows nothing about—Mrs. Claus—and has key messages of female empowerment, unconditional love, and spreading kindness. Written from a female empowerment lens, the goal with this book was to elevate Mrs. Claus (better known as Jammie Claus), give voice to her purpose and role during Christmas, and bring to light a woman leader who spreads unconditional kindness and love throughout the world.

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Jammie Claus: The Christmas Tradition of Unconditional Giving is a new children’s book about Mrs. Claus who delivers pajamas on Christmas Eve. It is a loving story with key messages about spreading kindness and love, female empowerment, and unconditi

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