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TayloredIllustration is all about custom art that is tailored to my clients' unique aesthetic interests. I am a traditionalist that loves sending and receiving cards, so I wanted to create my own card line that touched on the funny and sweet situations that occur around the magical time of Christmas. My line is expanding every year and includes a subject range of Santa, elves, reindeer, snowmen, Mrs.Claus, and most recently, baby Jesus. I hope that every year my clientele is excited to see the newest edition to my ever expanding imagination. My 16 greeting cards are all hand-created from start to finish! I create all of the illustrations on paper using watercolor and ink, send them off to a local mom & pop printer, fold them all by hand, and then customize each and every one with glitter, burnmarks, watermarks or puffpaint! I think there is something so special about opening a card from your loved one and knowing that they thought of you and took the time to send a card, and that the artist who created it took the time to think of every little detail, right down to the hand-applied baby blue glitter. TayloredIllustration also offers custom pet portraits in colored pencil or oil paint. My portraits are photorealistic, almost hyperrealistic, because I am OBSESSED with detail and take the time to draw/paint every individual hair. It is this keen attention to detail that makes people want to actually touch the portraits because they look so tangible.
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