Grand American Deli

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Booth: 180
380 Solon Rd.
Unit 9
Bedford Heights, OH 44146

Grand American Deli caters to customers Nationwide, and provides a wide variety of delicious and unique meats, pickles and pickled produce unmatched by the competition. We pride ourselves in producing what we consider to be Old World Style, USDA approved bacon and sausage. There are many smoked meats on the market. We only provide meat products that not only please the palate but also tickle the taste buds!!!

Our company specializes in producing smoked goods that we know you will enjoy, not only for the taste and texture, but also for the joy of eating quality food. We are pleased to share that everyone can now both purchase and consume high quality smoked meat products that are reasonably priced. Our meats have no additives, contain low sodium and have very little fat content; in fact, our very chunky sausages, smokies, salamis etc., are both high in meat content and flavor. Furthermore, Grand American Deli is second to none when it comes to our Pickled produce. From our classic Kosher Dill Pickles to our "fiery" Red Hot Pickles, Grand American Deli's offerings please all taste buds. Our pickles are available in a variety of standard and custom cuts to meet the needs of a broad range of retail customers, as well as restaurant, hotel, casino, university, and other food service industry operations. Our products are sold in bulk, therefor our way of conducting business does not interfere with local food retailers or concession activities. We at Grand American Deli give the best customer service to our esteemed clients, and will never give them an opportunity to complain with regards to the quality of our products.

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